"Destiny may lead us down different paths, but I promise if I get there first, I will save you a place and wait for you forever." - william chapman (via williamchapmanwritings)
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Untitled #11772 by florencia95 featuring gold tone earringsH M see through top, $59 / H&M dark blue jeans, $17 / Anine Bing tan suede ankle booties / Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel / Topshop bracelet jewelry / ASOS ring / American Eagle Outfitters gold tone earrings / Ray-Ban folding glasses

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so true.
10 Realizations Changed My Life


Bloggers, like all people, love to share the highlights of their lives. But I’m a person with self-doubt, worries, and stuff I need to figure out, just like anyone else. Who wants to read about that? Maybe you do. I want to share a set of realizations that have quite literally changed my life…

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